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First Electronic Reverse Auction in Healthcare Products Market

  • Updated date : 06.26.2019

The first electronic reverse auction was held in the Healthcare Products Market, which was included in the First 100-Day Action Plan of the Presidency and put into action within the scope of the Procurement Cooperation Protocol signed between the Ministry of Health and the State Supply Office (DMO) to quickly and efficiently provide the medical supplies and medicine needed by the ministerial facilities.

The electronic reverse auction was realized in accordance with the partial bid on May 21-23 among the companies that signed the Healthcare Products Market framework agreement through the Healthcare Products Market Module, which DMO has implemented with its own means. With this auction, which is the first pilot application, approximately 3.2 million pieces of examination gloves were purchased for the need of 11 ministerial health facilities located in Yozgat.

In addition to achieving a higher public saving rate than expected in the auction, DMO,  executing the entire procurement process from the signing of a framework agreement with companies to the procurement, delivery and invoicing of products in an electronic environment, also provided both companies and buyers with time and labor saving.

In the following period, medical supply requests from the health facilities under the Ministry of Health are also expected to be met through separate electronic reverse auctions for 81 provinces.