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Foreword by General Director

  • Updated date : 04.26.2019


The State Supply Office, acquiring the vision of becoming an institution primarily preferred in the field of public procurement and among the leading central procurement bodies on the international scale with the innovative solutions and applications it has developed, has been procuring the needs of public organizations and institutions with a professional and innovative approach since 1926, with nearly 100 years old experience.

The State Supply Office provides services to approximately 6.500 customers with over 26.000 kinds of products from 1.300 suppliers, and maintains and develops its central procurement function it has undertaken since its establishment in accordance with public services, public needs, technological changes and innovations.

Public procurement, comprising 15%-20% of GDP at the global level, 14% in EU, 12% in OECD countries and 7% in our country,  constitutes one of the most basic management titles for countries because of its significant share in the budget as well as its policy implications concerning many different disciplines.

Besides its functions of using public resources legally, effectively and efficiently, providing transparency, competitiveness and accountability, public procurement has also many other functions in terms of achieving economic, social, political and financial goals.

In the public procurement ecosystem that it is involved in, the State Supply Office, which has an important function with its role as the Central Purchasing Body, constantly improves itself in order to benefit from the advantages of central procurement at the highest level. Both the regulations of international organizations that constitute the framework for public procurement, the reports they publish, and the practices in the developed countries point out the importance of “Central Purchasing Bodies”.

Central procurement activities further increase the efficiency of public procurement policies with numerous benefits they offer, including better prices through scale economies, lower transaction costs, development of institutional capacity and specialization. In addition, that all public procurement functions are carried out centrally make it easy to consolidate the data and measure the impacts of them on the practices in this sector.

On the other hand, integrity and professionalism in the management of public procurement processes increase the dignity of all public services and positively affect citizens' confidence in the government.

The State Supply Office, the central purchasing agency in Turkey, makes a significant contribution both to public institutions and organizations and to the Treasury with the services and resource-savings it provides thanks to its experience and competency in central procurement.

With the activities in the field of central public procurement, which has a significant impact on the determination of national policies; the opportunities to support regional development and SMEs, to increase the use of domestic products, and to incorporate innovative R&D products into the public market are enabled. In this context, the State Supply Office, by supporting the SMEs, helps them increase their share in public procurement. In addition, DMO supplies the needs of public institutions and organizations from the domestic market to a large extent and stands by the domestic producers and domestic production, and supports the domestic technology producers.

With the motto “Smart Public Procurement”, not only through a supply-oriented perspective but also in order to be a supporter of economic development, innovation, nationalization, technology and entrepreneurship, Attraction Centers Catalogue, SME Catalogue, Techno Catalogue and Healthcare Products Market applications began to be practiced.

The State Supply Office, which is one of the first operators of electronic commerce in public and performs 80% of its sales electronically, serves its buyers and suppliers through its e-sales portal. With the e-sales portal, buyers can easily and quickly access the materials they need. In addition, the e-procurement period in DMO has been initiated within the scope of the recent studies to create an e-procurement infrastructure in public procurement processes, and the catalogue products in all sectors have been started to be procured through e-procurement method. With the studies of process simplification and digital transformation, significant time and resource savings, reduction of bureaucracy and acceleration of processes are aimed at. Adn also, with the transition to the integrated e-procurement system, it is planned to disseminate the framework agreements, one of the main procurement tools used in almost all around the world.

With the application of Healthcare Products Market, the procurement processes of medicines and medical supplies needed by public hospitals have been transferred to the digital environment. The application is intended to be made an important platform with competitive prices and product depth, especially in consumables.

The State Supply Office, as the Central Purchasing Body of our country, is the main practitioner of public procurement policies. It is not only an institution that provides savings to the country's economy, but also continues to serve as one of the main actors in the public procurement sector with its contributions to the development of the country.  I believe that we will increase this contribution further in the forthcoming period.



The Acting General Director and Chairman of the Board