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Foreword by Director General

  • Updated date : 10.21.2022


The State Supply Office, as the Central Purchasing Body, whose establishment dates back to 1926, provides various needs of the public institutions with a professional and innovative approach, making maximum use of the price advantages provided by central purchasing.

Public procurement, in addition to ensuring transparency, competition and accountability with the lawful, effective and efficient use of public resources, has important functions in terms of achieving economic, social, political and financial goals.

The efficiency of public procurement policies increases with the price advantage offered by central procurement, lower transaction costs, better prices through economies of scale, improvement of institutional capacity, and specialization. With the integrity and professionalism in the management of public procurement processes, public services gain more prestige, which positively affects the confidence of citizens in the government.

The State Supply Office, which is the central purchasing institution of Turkey, provides significant contributions to both public institutions and organizations and the Treasury with the services it provides and the resource savings it achieves, thanks to its experience and competence in central purchasing.

The State Supply Office has served approximately 13 thousand buyers in the last 5 years with 85 thousand product types obtained from 3 thousand suppliers, and continues its central purchasing function by developing it in line with public services, public needs, technological changes and innovations.

At the current stage, the share of DMO in public goods procurement has doubled from 2019 to 2020, and nearly tripled from 2020 to 2021, which shows the significant growth rate of the institution.

The State Supply Office has adopted the understanding of providing a higher quality, faster and comprehensive service to public institutions and organizations, and has successfully fulfilled the critical tasks it has undertaken during the pandemic process, as well as realizing many important projects recently.

With the Healthcare Products Market application, which was launched in 2018, the procurement processes of drugs and medical supplies needed by public hospitals were transferred to the digital environment. There are 1.100 public hospitals and 50 university hospitals located in 81 provinces within the scope of the Healthcare Products Market application, which focuses on the effective and efficient use of resources with fast and transparent e-tenders consolidated through an end-to-end digital platform. With the Healthcare Products Market application, significant savings were achieved in total through joint and bulk purchases compared to market prices.

In addition, supply problems in many critical products, especially masks and vaccines, that emerged during the pandemic process were quickly resolved by the State Supply Office, which ensured supply security and made invaluable contributions to the fight against the pandemic.

In this context, various personal protective equipment needs of public institutions and organizations as well as hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health and university hospitals were met free of charge with the grant-export model. Additionally, the medical equipment and device needs of field hospitals, as well as COVID-19 diagnostic kits, drugs and vaccines were supplied through DMO. DMO played an important role in the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine project by giving a public procurement guarantee to the local COVID-19 vaccine TURKOVAC.

With the activities carried out in the field of central public procurement, which has a significant impact on the determination of national policies, it is possible to support regional development and SMEs, to increase the use of domestic products and to include innovative R&D products in the public market. In this context, the State Supply Office helps SMEs to increase their share in public procurement by supporting them. Also, by procuring the needs of public institutions and organizations from the domestic market to a large extent, it stands by the domestic producer and domestic production, and supports the domestic technology producers.

Domestic producers continue to be supported with various catalogue applications that support domestic and national products. In this context, in addition to the Healthcare Products Market application, Attraction Centers Catalogue, SME Catalogue and Techno Catalogue applications were put into practice.

Through public procurement, it is aimed to contribute to the commercialization and branding processes of entrepreneurs by developing the Techno Catalogue Platform, which supports innovation, domestic products, entrepreneurship and technology transfer, to ensure the integration of existing incentive models for the products in the catalogue, to develop new incentive models and support mechanisms, to create awareness in favor of Domestic-National Products and a public procurement system that will promote export.

In addition, in order to support regional development, the Attraction Centers Catalogue was launched for producers operating in 23 provinces, falling within the scope of the Attraction Centers Program.

On the other hand, the State Supply Office, which is one of the first implementers of electronic commerce in the public sector, provides services to its customers and suppliers via the E-Sales Portal. Customers can access the aforementioned catalogue applications and the general catalogue and supply their requirements easily and quickly through the E-Sales Portal.

The Public Fuel-Vehicle Automation System (KamuTOS) has been put into operation in order to buy the fuel needed by public institutions and organizations in bulk. There are approximately 5.250 buyers and 113.000 vehicles in the system and these numbers are increasing day by day enabling significant savings.

In addition to all these developments, with the protocol signed between DMO and Turkey's Automobile Joint Venture Group Inc. (T.O.G.G.) on March 17, 2020 within the scope of the Presidential Decree dated 26/12/2019 and numbered 1945, it is aimed to meet the current or future needs of our country in the automotive sector, to provide supply security, to reduce foreign dependency and to ensure technological transformation by supporting the electric car production facility investment to be realized by T.O.G.G. through the vehicle purchase guarantee given by our Directorate General.

Transferring all operational processes into the electronic environment and realizing all procurement processes in the digital environment in the near future, expanding the scope of the Healthcare Products Market application and implementing new central procurement models based on the Healthcare Products Market application have been determined as the main objectives, and with the realization of these objectives, significant progress will be made towards becoming a leading central purchasing body on an international scale.

The State Supply Office, which is the central purchasing body of our country, as the main implementer of public procurement policies, in addition to being an institution that saves money for the country's economy, continues to serve as one of the main actors in the public procurement sector with its contributions to the development of the country through the support of domestic and national products and producers.

In the upcoming period, I believe that we will further increase this contribution to an efficient, effective and economical public service understanding.



Director General and Chairman of the Board