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Facilitation Arrangements in the Catalogue

  • Updated date : 06.26.2019

In order to increase the number of companies in the catalogue and to facilitate the application process for the supplier companies, some arrangements were made by our institution;

  • The tax determined by the Public Procurement Authority in the tender applications and monetary limits regarding SSI (Social Security Institution) premium debts will also be used for catalogue applications.
  • For the medium and high technology products including Large Area Cleaning Machines, Industrial Sweeping Machines, Pressure Washers, Floor Polisher Machines and Welding Machines, CE Declaration of Conformity will be requested from domestic producers having difficulty in obtaining the product standard document in Türkiye.
  • Arrangement has been made regarding the requirement only of PTS (Product Tracking System) record for medical devices.
  • In the General Catalogue, the 3-day period granted to the companies for depositing product participation fees has been increased to 10 days.


Respectfully announced to the public.