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Online Tracking System Has Been Put Into Service For Suppliers in E-Sales Platform

  • Updated date : 04.16.2019

Directorate General of State Supply Office has put into service the online tracking system for the suppliers, meeting the needs of public institutions and organizations through the E-Sales Platform and involved in DMO catalogue system, to be provided better quality and on-site service.

Thanks to the e-Tracking System, the first phase of Catalogue Electronic Application Project started in the context of the studies of Digital Transformation movement in DMO, supplier companies which signed contracts with DMO will be able to track electronically many of the processes after the contract. Thus, the companies’ all the processes in DMO will have been made transparent.

    With the e-Tracking Sytem, electronic tracking will be available on such subjects as;

  • Company Information (Representative/Partneship/Portal Authority/Bank Information)
  • Agenda (Details of order and payment)
  • Orders (Detailed order information)
  • Contract Management (Contract information, products within the context of contract)

and information will be updated on the system.

In the next phases, supplier companies which have been electronically registered in the system;

  • Will be able to enter technical specifications of the products they want to be invoves in the e-sales system and upload their documents online once the Product Registration System is activated,
  • Will be able to create an online application with the products whose technical specifications and documents they entered into the system and follow online all their transactions related to their applications and application statuses once the Catalogue Application System is activated,
  • Will be able to carry out online all their transactions after the signing of the contract once the Contract Management System is activated.