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Cooperation Visits by DMO General Directorate to Pay Attention to Domestic Production

  • Updated date : 04.16.2019

As an institution, we make interviews with the Ministry of Industry and Technology regarding domestic production in Türkiye and through the Common Sense Platform, we continue to support production in Türkiye.

On 09.01.2019, Mr. Bilal MACİT, General Director of R&D Incentives of the mentioned Ministry and his team paid a visit to DMO General Directorate. A meeting was held with the participation of the guest delegation, DMO General Director Mr. Mücahit CİVRİZ, Head of Strategy Develeopment Department Mr. Ender ESER and the related officials.

In the meeting; strengthening the communication with Technology Development Zones (TDZ), expanding the Techno Catalogue to include R&D centers and coordinating the studies of DMO and Directorate General of R&D Incentives were discussed.

After this important meeting, DMO General Director Mücahit CİVRİZ visited Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mr. Yavuz CABBAR, Secretary General of Ankara Chamber of Industry and Dr. Mr. Çetin Ali DÖNMEZ, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology.

DMO General Director mentioned about the recent innovations and transformations realized through “common sense”. He said that we attach great importance to the sensitivities of our President especially on domestic production and shared his thoughts regarding the cooperation suggestions and plans with the Ministry and relevant stakeholders.

Mr. DÖNMEZ, who emphasized the necessity of taking part in the working groups to be formed in order to take a more active role in the processes by increasing the interaction of DMO with other public institutions and organizations, stated that he found DMO’s recent studies very succesful and a significant platform has been provided for the delivery of the products to the public market. He expressed his belief in that DMO will do its task as it should do with respect to supporting domestic companies and products.

In the meeting, it was mutually agreed upon that a joint working group comprised of the officials of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the State Supply Office is established.