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Recent Updates in Healthcare Market Application

  • Updated date : 04.16.2019

As it is known, “Healthcare Market Application” was put into practice on 12.10.2018 within the context of “Procurement Cooperation Protocol” signed on 19.01.2018 in order to procure through the State Supply Office medicines and medical supplies needed by the Ministry of Health and its affiliated institutions and organizations in the delivery of health services.

Taking into consideration the opinions and suggestions of non-governmental organizations and companies, below mentioned changes and improvements have been made in the application as of 04.01.2019 in order to make the application operate more effectively and efficiently;

  • In the application of technical conformity assessment, the requirement of being a manufacturer or an importer has been removed, thus authorized dealers also have the  opportunity to apply. With this amendment, for the products with a positive technical assessment of conformity, it is not necessary that other companies having this product apply for technical conformity again.
  • It is no longer obligatory to submit in the application the analysis certificates and reports related to some standards specified in the technical specifications of the products in the Health Market.
  • It will be sufficient for companies applying for signing framework agreements so as to be involved in the Health Market to upoload 3 photos, instead of 6, of their products to the Product Tracking System (ÜTS). 
  • The delivery date of the products ordered in the framework agreement has been increased from 10 to 15 working days.
  • Chamber Registration Certificate required in the application process for framework agreements will no longer be received.
  • In the case of equal bids in e-tenders with two sessions, there has been an amendment regarding a third session to be held between the companies with the lowest e-tender prices.

Technical Specifications and Price Caps of the products included in the Health Market were updated as of 04.01.2019